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Essential Oils

All of our essential oils are of the highest quality, undiluted and unadulterated. Many of the oils have been sourced direct from the producer. This enables us to confirm the highest quality standards and the price savings are passed on to you. Our competitive prices are not at the cost of quality. - Vegetable (Carrier) Oils

Vegetable (Carrier) Oils

Many incorrect claims are made about methods of extraction for vegetable oils. Our customers can be assured that our vegetable (carrier) oils are sourced from very reputable suppliers. These expressed (or cold pressed) oils are of excellent quality. Where appropriate they have been filtered and deodourised. None of this detracts from their suitability in aromatherapy , massage therapy, or other applications. - Essential Oil Blends

Essential Oil Blends

Our blends of pure essential oils have been designed by highly qualified aromatherapists, Karina Thorpe of Christchurch and Valerie Graham in New York City to enhance and revitalize your well-being. They are provided in the pure form for use in aromatherapy burners or diffusors (10 ml bottle size) or as prepared massage blends diluted in pure apricot oil. - Fragrances, Perfumes & Flavours

Fragrances, Perfumes & Flavours

We have an extensive range of fragrances suitable for use in cosmetic formulations, soaps and candles. If your business, craft or hobby has a need for the best quality fragrances or flavours then we can supply any quantity from 100 mls to 100 kgs. We have access to many more fragrances and perfumes than those on our list. If your project has a specific requirement we can most probably help with samples and suggestions. - Glass Bottles

Glass Bottles

Our range of glass bottles is comprehensive. We sell amber and blue glass bottles ideal for storing all those things you wish to make. If you want 1 bottle or 1000 bottles we can supply!




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