Carrier and Infused Oils

Welcome to the Essential Oils New Zealand retail online store. We provide a small range of our essential and carrier oils and blends for retail purchase onsite. These prices include gst and freight is added during the checkout process. 

Please note: we are continuing to build the items offered. If you have a product you wish to purchase, please use the contact form to let us know. 

  • Apricot Kernel Oil - 100ml
    Our cold-pressed apricot kernel oil is light in texture, golden in colour and high in beneficial nutrients. Used for centuries, apricot kernel oil is known for its softening, hydrating, rejuvenating, and nourishing properties.
    NZ$ 10.00
  • Grapeseed Oil - 100ml
    Sourced from Spain, our grapeseed oil is a light golden-green colour. The health-enhancing properties of grapeseed oil have been known for thousands of years, making it a useful and beneficial carrier oil.
    NZ$ 10.00
  • Sweet Almond Oil - 100ml
    Commonly used in skin and hair care to enhance its appearance and health, sweet almond is a versatile carrier oil. This mild blended natural oil is high in Vitamin E and ideal for use in facial care, massages, and on sensitive skin.
    NZ$ 10.00
  • Jojoba Oil - 100ml
    Our cold-pressed jojoba oil is a rich golden yellow and highly absorbent when used on the skin due to its unique resemblance to the skin's sebum. Jojoba Oil contains nearly all the vitamins and minerals required to aid the growth of healthy skin and hair and is effective on even the most sensitive of skin.
    NZ$ 25.00
  • Rosehip - 50ml
    Cold pressed from the reddish-orange fruits that remain on the rose bush after blooming, rosehip oil is well-known for its healing properties. Due to its high level of unsaturated fatty acids, rosehip oil absorbs into the skin quickly and easily without a greasy residue.
    NZ$ 28.00