Welcome to the Essential Oils New Zealand retail online store. We provide a small range of our essential and carrier oils and blends for retail purchase onsite. These prices include gst and freight is added during the checkout process. 

Please note: we are continuing to build the items offered. If you have a product you wish to purchase, please use the contact form to let us know. 

  • Basil
    ocimum basilicum

    Our basil oil is sourced from Hungary and has a strongly aromatic scent with camphorous undertones. Widely used in Eastern medicine, basil is known for its benefits for respiratory and digestive problems. 
    NZ$ 14.00
  • Eucalyptus
    eucalyptus globulus

    Steam distilled from the majestic globulus variety, our eucalyptus oil has the characteristic fresh and spicy scent of gum trees. Known for its antiseptic qualities, it's a useful oil in a range of applications including supporting the immune and respiratory systems. 
    NZ$ 9.00
  • Lavender
    lavandula angustifolia

    Grown in France, this true lavender oil has a sweet, floral-herbaceous scent with a woody undertone. Lavender has a well-established reputation as a remedy and soother and is generally regarded as the most versatile of therapeutic essences.
    NZ$ 11.00
  • Lemon
    citrus limomum

    Our cold-pressed lemon oil has a bright, fresh citrus aroma. Lemon oil is known to be energizing and stimulating, improving both mood and concentration.
    NZ$ 9.00
  • Lime
    citrus aurantifolia

    Cold-pressed from the fresh peels of limes, this oil is olive-green with a fresh citrus scent. Lime oil has many beneficial properties and is thought to improve mood and reduce stress.
    NZ$ 10.00
  • Lemongrass
    cymbopogon flexuosus

    Extracted from the grassy leaves of the plant, this oil has a sweet, fresh, and lemony aroma. Lemongrass is believed to soothe tension and promote an overall sense of calm in the body and mind.
    NZ$ 10.00
  • Manuka
    leptospermum scoparium

    Grown in East Cape, manuka oil is known for its healing and antimicrobial properties. This oil has a woody cedar-like smell that is less pungent than teatree.
    NZ$ 30.00
  • NZ Douglas Fir
    pseudotsuga menziesii

    Grown and produced sustainably in Otago, this exceptional oil has an invigorating scent with top notes of citrus, characteristic of Douglas Fir. Esteemed for its anti-microbial properties, this oil is useful in supporting respiratory health.
    NZ$ 20.00
  • Patchouli
    pogostemon cablin

    Used since ancient times to balance emotions, improve mood and increase feelings of relaxation, patchouli essential oil has a rich, sweet, and earthy aroma. Our steam-distilled patchouli oil is a rich amber colour with a powerful yet comforting scent.
    NZ$ 13.00
  • Peppermint
    mentha piperita

    Peppermint oil has a fresh and sweet minty aroma, invigorating and soothing for both the body and the mind. Steam distilled from the flowering herb, our peppermint oil has a range of applications, from skin care to easing musclular pain and stress.
    NZ$ 11.00
  • Rosemary
    rosmarinus officinalis

    One of the most versatile and well-loved herbs, rosemary essential oil contains the same sweet, balsamic and herbaceous fragrance. Believed to ease stress, reduce fatigue and increase mental clarity, this is a must-have oil in your aromatherapy toolkit.
    NZ$ 11.00